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            Welcome to JIANGYIN SNXIN WANHE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

            Tel:+86-13752927186    +86-13771610541

            PRODUCT CENTER


            ABOUT US


            Enterprise Introduction

            Jiangsu SNXIN Wanhe Environment Technology CO.,LTD is a technological company specializing in researching, production and selling ultraviolet germicidal products and other spare parts. Our main products are long lifetime amalgam lamp, uv lamp for air disinfection、water treatment and waste gas treatment, Electrodeless lamp, cross-flowrate UV sterilizer,ballast and quartz tube etc.

            Established in 2017, located at Jiangyin new harbour city, covering an area of 60000 square meters. Our company has equipped advanced apparatus for production and checking and modern scale production resource, with high accuracy ability to product kinds of products, has developed to be one of the largest production bases of ultraviolet disinfection in China.

            “High quality is from technology”, excepting establishing a serials of system to control quality, our company has got the ISO9001:2000 international quality system and CE certification, and been rewarded as an enterprises with good reputation, winning the title of “Superior-quality Product”. By superior quality and service, SNXIN has been a popular brand in China. And export to USA, Europe, South Korea, Japan and South-East Asia.

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            Technical advantages


            Company Qualification

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            友情鏈接: UV燈管 紫外線殺菌器 試色機 高頻焊管 醫藥實驗室 布袋除塵器 卷布機 體檢車 刮刀式過濾器 計量泵 無錫印刷 電動推桿 單絲 計量泵 文化石 體檢車 長絲土工布 電動滾筒 造粒機 EVA彈性體 江蘇煙道 電動推桿 煙道止回閥 氣相色譜儀 江蘇三里港高空建筑防腐有限公司 喂料機 鋼結構設計 覆膜砂設備 LS變頻器 房車家具 HDPE雙壁波紋管 方管價格 籃球培訓 木托盤 無錫新房 蔬菜保鮮 不銹鋼儲罐